Way Simple Wi-Fi

Are you challenged with the increased demand for Wi-Fi access from additional users and devices? Do you have the infrastructure to support Wi-Fi access? Are you worried about security risks and content filtering when devices access your network? Would you like to optimize Wi-Fi to improve the customer experience and to improve marketing to your clients?

The Fusion WLAN solution offers companies in manufacturing, education, healthcare, hospitality, government and retail an excellent solution for wireless that is completely scalable to future technologies.

Our cloud based, virtualized WLAN 802.11ac Wave 2 control system is a distributed architecture that supports decisions at the edge of the network and manages them with a centralized appliance or server.

Benefits of Fusion Wireless LAN:

  • Don’t pay anything up front for hardware
  • Control the bandwidth per users
  • Enterprise grade Access Points for maximum coverage
  • High volume of network traffic for large number of users on the network at one time
  • Enterprise level security including content filtering to protect guests and employees from accessing unwanted content
  • Maintaining and Enhancing Network Security
  • Customized user experience (power users, employees, guests, etc.)
  • Creation and Management of Guest Access interface with secure temporary logins and access restrictions.
  • Market, promote, and educate your guest network users
  • Predictive site-survey customized for your buildings/campus
  • Monthly reporting detailing peak usage, top website destinations and sites blocked