An Example of Legacy Code Broken by SharePoint 2013’s Minimal Download Strategy

  • July 25, 2014
  • by David Lohnes
  • Gotchas, SharePoint 2013, Under the Hood,
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Several months ago we ran into an odd issue while testing the 2013 version of a suite of third-party web parts which we frequently incorporate into our solutions. The gist of the issue (as I put it in the bug report to the developer) was, “Many buttons throughout the site do not work.” Digging into the page elements,
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Recently we were asked to troubleshoot an issue a client was having with their production 2010 SharePoint environment. The basic error report was that very intermittently and unpredictably, users would navigate to a normally reliable SharePoint site and find it completely broken. Text might be scattered all over the page in abnormal ways, or whole
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