Business Continuity and Cloud Services

Let’s face it; incidents will happen that may cause your business to come to a complete halt. In times of potential operational disaster, customers still trust that business will be fully functional and will be able to serve their needs. Being prepared for any disruption is insurance for a quick and low cost recovery.

Studies show that for every hour of downtime, small companies lose approximately $8,581 and medium companies lose $215,638.

  • How much downtime can your business truly afford?

  • What kind of backup and disaster recovery solutions are in place when your systems are unavailable?

  • How quickly can you access data and get your business running again in case of system failure?

Fusion will work with you to address any issues and customize a solution that is specific to your needs. With Fusion’s business continuity and cloud service solutions, you can rest assured knowing your critical business data is protected, stored securely, and can be recovered within a matter of minutes both on and off-site.

Fusion’s enterprise continuity and disaster recovery includes:

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Management
  • Physical data center storage
  • Cloud backup solutions
  • Image-based backup
  • Emergency virtualization
  • Remote monitoring and management


Downtime will happen, and it will be costly. Plan and be prepared with Fusion’s continuity and cloud services.