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How Outsourcing Technology Can Help Your Business Grow

Technology has revolutionized the way we do business. If your company is large, small, or somewhere in between, it’s impossible to function without technology working for you. But between the daily decisions needed to make your company run flawlessly (ok, functionally), technology decisions often take a back seat in importance.

Until it stops functioning. Uh-oh.

The best way to deal with this problem? Make sure you have enough support. Outsource it to a top of the line local IT firm.

As the second installment of my blog series, I’ll explain the biggest advantage of outsourcing your IT needs to a local top of the line IT firm. While there are many reasons this decision can bring value to your company, the most important is the team of experts to which you’ll gain access.


It doesn’t matter what you do in your life, the best ability anyone can possess is availability. And let’s face it, at some point in your career, somebody has created a crisis because they couldn’t be at work. This is only compounded in the case of your IT staff. If your IT employee is unavailable and a server crashes, not only does your business suffer, it likely shuts down completely. And what happens if you encounter a problem your IT employee can’t solve? Time and money are wasted in an effort to get up and running again.

While having an IT staff is definitely not a bad thing, having another option to support you and them should a problem arise can only be beneficial. Outsourced IT firms take this to heart by hiring a team of experts so someone is always available to help your business. Even if someone at the IT firm leaves, a member of their team picks up the work to make sure that you don’t shut down.

They can also draw on each other’s knowledge to quickly and efficiently get you back up and running in as little time as possible. And because IT firms have their own partners, 24/7 service is available. For example, the company for which I work (Fusion Managed IT) offers this constant supervision. This means that if your company has an issue at three in the morning, it will often be fixed before you’re even aware there was a problem. This saves the owner headaches and the IT staff having to deal with additional issues when they could be working on other pressing matters.


This team isn’t filled with your average tech staff either. IT firms have the need and money to hire the top IT people on the market. Our CEO worked for 16 years in the central IT department at BMW before founding Fusion. He brings that level of technical expertise into making hiring decisions, ensuring that only the top people end up working as IT engineers. You as a small business owner then have access to this team for all of your IT needs. While Fusion is one example, IT firms all over the country have the ability to hire top end IT professionals that most small businesses just can’t afford to put on the payroll.

“But what about the IT department I have on staff?”

If you have IT staff that you really like or need to keep on, that doesn’t mean outsourced IT can’t help you. Hiring outsourced IT is almost always cheaper than hiring another good (or not so good) IT employee, and they can take care of the less pressing issues while your staff handles the critical technical functions of your business.

As I mentioned in my first blog, JUST having in house IT staff working to solve all your problems is a bit outdated. Besides the fact that they can miss time for any number of reasons, in house IT is limited to keeping you functioning. They’re not focused on looking ahead at new trends in technology that might be able to help you run your business better. And while they may be doing a good job focusing on critical IT functions, this can leave smaller IT applications vulnerable without constant supervision.

Rather than leave your company at risk of a disruption or security breach due to seemingly smaller IT tasks being neglected, an outsourced IT company can reduce the risk of such threats while letting your IT staff focus on bigger tasks.


Nobody likes to be blindsided. Knowledge is key to insure that you stay up to date on all the changes that could potentially effect your business. While knowing everything that could impact your business is impossible for one person to do, outsourcing can provide you some relief.

Outsourced IT firms are often the first people to know about upcoming changes in the IT world. For example, Fusion (who works with Microsoft) received information stating that Microsoft would no longer be supporting Windows 2003 come July 14th. If any computers in your company still run on the 2003 server, this could create security and performance issues in the near future. But because you’re busy with the details of your own company, information like that may not reach your ears until it’s too late.

Because Fusion and many other outsourced IT firms have their ear to the ground with this kind of information, you’ll also discover any potential issues before they arise and negatively impact your company.

Visual Learner?

More of a visual learner? Watch this video below for an example of how an outsourced IT firm can help your business grow.

I’ll be tackling the “cost” issue as the topic of my next blog, so stay tuned to see how outsourcing your IT functions can save you money.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to reach out to me or visit http://www.fusionmanagedit.com/ for an example of what outsourced IT firms offer.


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