SharePoint 2013 Disaster Recovery (Pt 2): The First Option – Cold Standby

  • May 30, 2014
  • by David Lohnes
  • disaster recovery, SharePoint,
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In my last post, we took a look at why every production SharePoint farm urgently needs a tested disaster recover plan. Beginning with this post, we’re going to take a look at the three SharePoint DR options that Microsoft lays out and consider the advantages and disadvantages of each. The first option is what Microsoft
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Recently we had a client come to us for help with SharePoint 2013 disaster recovery. The requirement was straightforward. They have two datacenters in two different cities; one is their primary; the other is their secondary. They wanted to have a tested SharePoint disaster recovery plan in place that would guarantee restoration of SharePoint functionality
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In previous posts in this series, we considered a customer requirement for surfacing documents stored in file shares through SharePoint and various third-party tools that are available as possible solutions. What makes this particular requirement tricky is that the file shares are not in the same location as the SharePoint farm, and bandwidth between the
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