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Introducing Fusion’s New SharePoint Explainer Video!

After several months of work with an “explainer video” company called MyeVideo, Fusion has it’s own explainer video!

We went with MyeVideo after we saw one of their videos that explained what an explainer video was and why we needed one. That video did such a good job of making an abstract concept like “explainer video” completely digestible in a short amount of time that we thought an abstract concept like “SharePoint” could use the same treatment.

One of the challenges inherent in working with a product like SharePoint is getting people–IT people and business people–to understand the capabilities and potential of the platform. Everyone knows what the other parts of the Office stack do, but what is SharePoint and how does it fit in?

And of course, as SharePoint consultants the even bigger question is, why do I need YOU? Well, our hope is that our “explainer video” will help make that abstract a little more concrete.



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